Caliper Tech is a blog site specializing in laboratory and some medical equipment in Australia. We feature updates regarding new technologies, basic and modern science instruments and the uses of each and every equipment in a laboratory.

Our blog includes product reviews for those who are having a hard time to decide which equipment they should avail. The readers could also expect safety tips, dos and don’ts and reminders when doing an experiment and handling the apparatuses.

Caliper Tech is one of the leading websites when it comes to pharmaceutical, medical and laboratory equipment within Australia. Readers consider our blog as very helpful since we present a wide range of choices from the primary paraphernalia to advanced devices.

The team’s purpose is not only to give simple knowledge to our followers but also to inform them about the best products that they should get. We understand the value of money and we want them to purchase the most durable and reliable equipment that they could get.

Nowadays, a lot of online lab suppliers are available and a lot of customers would not even care if the product or equipment doesn’t have a good reputation as long as it is affordable. Buying cheap lab materials or devices does not always mean practical because you may end up buying another one after a brief period of time only or worse, may cause a terrible accident while in use.

We try to post updates and facility upgrades regularly. We highlight different brands and legit sellers in Australia to make your lab equipment hunting easier and more manageable.