Common laboratory glass equipment and their uses

In school, a lot of us have learned the different equipment used in the laboratory but I’m pretty sure not everyone knows the specific function of each and every science instrument. Let’s talk about the common laboratory glass equipment and their uses.

  • Beaker – one of the most popular science instrument in a laboratory. It is used to measure liquid substances since it has a measurement of milliliter or liters. This cylindrical equipment is also used to mix or stir chemicals for experiment. It is also available in plastic material but unlike the glass beaker, it can’t be used in heating. Beakers come in different sizes and not all has a small spout.
  • Graduated cylinder – like beakers, it is used to measure the quantity of liquids but this equipment is proven to be more accurate. It is also cylindrical in shape but taller and narrow compared to a beaker.
  • Erlenmeyer flask – One of the most commonly used instruments in chemical experiments. This glass tool is used for heating and boiling liquids. The quality of this glassware is safe for direct heat and perfect storage for some substances.
  • Test tubes – may be the most affordable laboratory equipment and can be found easily in most lab tool suppliers. Test tubes are used to measure volumes of liquids, burn or heat both liquid and solid solutions and can also hold and store substances or samples temporarily when it has a screw cap that serves as cover.

These are just some of the popular laboratory apparatuses and not everything is made of glass. Some are made of plastic but not used for heating or strong chemicals. Nowadays, most laboratory glassware are made of borosilicate glass which is resistant to thermal stress. Meaning, this type of glass cannot easily break when being heated or when chemicals react.

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