How to ensure safety in the laboratory

Working in a laboratory looks fun and interesting but most of us do not know how hazardous it is to deal with chemicals and other substances. Here are some laboratory essentials that we must use to protect ourselves from any danger in case of accident:

  • Safety glasses or goggles – These are used to shield your eyes from any chemical splashes, explosions or tiny particles that may irritate during experiments. The goggles are good substitute to the glasses since it is safer to use due to enclosed sides and has adjustable straps for more comfortable movements.
  • Gloves – These are important to protect your hands from corrosive substances. You have to choose a chemical resistant pair that fits you very well. Some gloves are made of latex which are okay but not as thick as other materials. It is necessary to wash hands after handling solutions even if you are wearing a pair of gloves. Used gloves must be disposed properly too.
  • Respirator / Vapor Mask – Some chemicals are harmful when breathe in and may cause fainting. In order to not inhale any substance or the smoke during chemical reaction, always wear a mask. It doesn’t matter if it is disposable or washable.
  • Safety clothing – do not underestimate the purpose of lab gown or coat, aprons, hoods, footwear or the coverall suits. You may think it is exaggerated but wearing the complete or at least any of these laboratory outfits will save you from any harm.
  • Spill tray liner or lab mats – these are used to prevent spilling on the counter or floor since it absorbs the liquid substances. Most tray liners are made of paper and disposable while lab mats are made of silicone which is reusable. Laboratory mats are easy to clean and stain resistant.

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