How to maintain laboratory freezers

Freezers, chillers and refrigerators are important in a laboratory. These appliances are used to store specimen and samples to be preserved. Not all samples collected for instance as blood can stand room temperature so it is necessary to be kept in a cold storage like a blood bank refrigerator.

Laboratory refrigerators must be checked once in a while in order to maintain the appropriate temperature needed for medical use. The condition of the freezer or ref is vital to the safety of the samples stored. Therefore, hiring professionals to monitor the laboratory equipment such as the refrigerator regularly is highly recommended.

Vaccines, blood products and pharmaceutical stocks must be stored properly. The laboratory refrigerators are not ordinary appliances we use at home or other establishments. These freezers and chillers are hygienic and continually maintain a constant temperature even if you open the door. These also have compartments for appropriate keeping of samples, medical supplies and vaccines to avoid contamination.

In some laboratories, they use “Explosion Proof” fridge for risky chemical and flammable substances. This kind of refrigerator is designed to prevent destructive burning and outburst by using less electrical hardware which can cause accident since fire hazard chemicals and solutions are stored.

Designs and sizes of lab fridges vary. Some has a single door but the bigger ones has sliding doors. Most of the refrigerators are made of metal and can be mounted on the wall or under the existing cabinets. Small clinics or laboratories can choose the smaller freezer or chiller that would fit the area but the standard or large refrigerators are more recommended in order to avoid lab ref failure.

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